“Master Mejica and his students and staff delivered a free Martial Arts Demonstration to the students and the parents of our students at Prairie Trail School.  As part of this demonstration, he and his staff helped share a message about the importance of standing up against bullying.  Through the use of an acronym SHINE, he taught our students about Staning up against bullies, Helping those who are bullied, Inform adults when needed, Never use a phone, computer, or tablet to hurt others, and Encourage friends to stand up against bullying too.  We are also excited to be working with Master Mejica to see if we can begin a partnership through volunteers at this business to provide additional opportunities for movement and physical activity during our school day for students who might benefit.”

– Principal Kevin Simmons, Prairie Trail School (District 56)

“I have known the owners, Master Joff and Cai for (I believe) 5 years now.  I have been a student of Kihap off and on over these years (as my schedule allows).  I have found them to be most professional, accommodating, imaginative, inviting, and giving in their business and personal time. They have structured Taekwondo classes and join competitions.  They truly are promoting good values, family structure, physical wellness, personal accomplishments, the importance of giving and comradery.  Every event that I have attended has been filled with abundant laughter from the kids and the staff.”

-Valerie Krasne, former student


“World class instructor, quality and clean gym. Great location!”

– Mr. Todd Monaghan, MMA Fighter


“From personal experience this place is great he has great patience with kids. He teaches them to be respectful but at the same time have fun with them so they don’t lose interest. My daughter has been attending kihap for almost 2 years and we have seen an improvement with her in school and every day tasks. She is more focused and respectful to her sister and friends. Master Joff is always adding new invent and activities to his students so they don’t lose interest in this sport.”

– Mr. Jose Bedoya, KIHAP  Parent


“I was a student of Master Joffs at a different Dojang and when he left and I learned he opened his own school, I broke the contract of the former school and signed up.
I think that speaks for itself.”

– Mr. Darrell Masterson, Blackbelt student and assistant instructor


“Kihap is a fantastic martial arts school! I can’t say enough good things about Master Joffrey!  I have been taking classes for 4 years & both of my boys (8 & 5 yo) also attend.  The growth I’ve seen in them in skills, confidence & respect has been incredible!  They both love attending their classes at Kihap. Master Joff even offers a family class on Saturdays that my husband, who isn’t in martial arts, enjoys attending with us.  This is by far the best martial arts school/option in Gurnee & the surrounding areas!”

Ms. Julie Loeffler, Blackbelt student and assistant instructor


“I recommend this place 100%. If you want to put your child to do an educational activity with good discipline, this is the right place. The teacher is a serious person and has a very good organization in their activities.”

Mr. Jose Tech, KIHAP Parent


“Master Joff is amazing. Him and his wife do wonders. I’ve seen them bring out the best in several kids including kids with special needs. He makes his classes fun. My son and nephews look forward to every class. He goes above and beyond for every child. I highly recommend Kihap.”

Ms. Lilian Tovar, KIHAP Parent


“Master Joffrey offers students a great experience.”

Mr. Glenn Grant, KIHAP Parent


“I recommend 100 %, very good for all ages. The instructor is very professional.”

Ms. Rosanna Nadales, KIHAP Parent

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