Kihap Olympians Class

Students attending this program represents Kihap in sparring competitions. In other words, they are Kihap’s very own SPARRING TEAM.

KIHAP Martial Arts is known for its high quality training system for aspiring Olympians as it follows the standards of USA Taekwondo. KIHAP Martial Arts is offering this program for its students who have the potential to train in Olympic style Poomsae and Sparring. Students who qualify for this program is selected from the pool of students who are currently in the regular programs of KIHAP Martial Arts.

Study Sparring is incorporated in the students’ curriculum. All students are given basic Sparring Training and when they show interest in this special skill, they are honed and groomed for competitions.

All students are required to attend regular Taekwondo Classes and follow their respective curriculum.



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