After School Martial Art Program

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Martial arts has a positive influence in developing a person, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Taekwondo is the Korean martial art of kicking and punching. It is also a modern Olympic sport. In addition to this, Taekwondo focuses on five tenets, which are courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit. At Kihap Martial Arts, all these tenets are incorporated in our teaching goals. Children learn to respect everyone around them, especially adults. They learn self-control as well as goal setting. School grades consequently improve when children learn to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. Furthermore, Taekwondo develops one’s self-discipline and self-respect , which can equip children with the skills and mindset necessary to resist peer pressure. Our after school program caters to children from 1st grade to 6th grade only.


C: Completely healthy snacks

A: Assistance and supervision with homework

R: Ride from local schools to our facility

E: Exercise and physical activity through TAEKWONDO

AFTER SCHOOL HOURS AND SCHOOLS: (unless stated otherwise)

Regular Hours: 2:00 to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

Early Release: 10:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

SCHOOLS: Elementary Schools in: Gurnee, Waukegan, Wadsworth, Libertyville


1. Transportation: We will pick up the students from their local schools on a set time after school, going to the studio.

• Children should enter the vehicle in a single file line, seating themselves in the back of the vehicle to the front of the vehicle.

• Children must use their indoor voices at all times.

• Children must resist the temptation to throw any object.

• Children are not allowed to refuse another student a seat next to them in the vehicle.

• There is no running in the isle of any vehicle.

• Children must remain seated at all times.

• All children must wear seat belts.

• It is the student’s responsibility to remember his or her belongings.

• All items left on the van will be placed in the lost and found by the driver.

2. Snack Time: We provide one health snack with drink per day. Some of the choices are: Apple sauce, Pretzels, Pudding, Fruit Gummies, Rice Crispy Treats, Crackers, Cheez-its, Biscuits

It is very important for us to know if the children have any form of allergies.

3. Homework Time: Children will be given time to work on homework and additional work books that they bring.

4. Tae Kwon Do Time: Children can participate in Tae Kwon Do classes on the days that they are attending the after school program as long as they are physically able. They will be treated as how regular Kihap Students are treated as to rules and curriculum. (Other programs or events are for an additional fee such as Weapons, Olympians training, Belt Test, etc.)

5. Character-building Activities: Kihap Martial Arts is providing activities that can help with the children’s development such as arts and crafts, relay games, board games, etc.

afterschool days


For more information about our After School Program, please contact us (call/text: 847-284-1068  or email: and we will send the After School Packet to your email. 🙂


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