Kihap Summerfest

The Kihap Summerfest 2017 is on August 10, 2019, 9am. This in-house competition has been an annual event since 2015, which promotes sportsmanship and readiness for outside competitions. At Kihap Summerfest, we are allowing all students to join, including white belts, who are usually not included in outside competitions. 
What makes this competition different?
The Kihap Summerfest is a carnival-themed competition on Poomsae and Board Breaking. Also, blackbelt demonstrations are presented to inspire the students. Being a carnival-themed competition, there will be mini-carnival games, lots of prizes, and carnival treats! The studio will be decorated as that of a carnival. 
This will be an awesome experience for the students especially those that have not experienced joining competitions yet. This is a great spring board for them.  The registration form can be downloaded when you click the link below and will also be available at the studio. 
We will also provide a sign up sheet at the studio so we can anticipate the number of participants.
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