KIHAP MARTIAL ARTS was just once a dream of an 8 year old boy who was a victim of bullying. Master Joffrey Mejica, KIHAP Chief Instructor, took his unfortunate experiences as a child and made it into something fruitful. With all the training he underwent, KIHAP Taekwondo came to life on January 2009. The school had a meaningful journey and a lot of the students were able to imbibe the tenets of Taekwondo, not just within the Dojang but also in their everyday life. Everything was going well until May 2014 where Master Joff had to rest for a while due to a health condition. The school had to shut down as Master Joff is not well enough to teach. Though his physique was weak, the dream in his heart remained strong. The whole time he was recuperating, he cannot help but think of the talents he was able to hone in those children. That is why without any delay, KIHAP rose from the ashes as KIHAP Martial Arts in July 2014.

KIHAP Martial Arts is not only making sure that its students are experiencing the joy of Olympic style Taekwondo without compromising the roots of Traditional Martial Arts but is now also incorporating a little bit of other Martial Arts in its more organized and more standard curriculum.

Join us to find out more about it!




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